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Mission Statement

At RUMI MAN, our daily endeavor is to craft products that embody our ethos—a fusion of our style, our way of life, and our fervor for the enduring and iconic. We are committed to creating pieces that are not only emblematic of a classic and timeless aesthetic but are also reflective of our dedication to quality, seasonality, and affordability. This is the mission that shapes every facet of our brand.



RUMI MAN epitomizes the pinnacle of Australian luxury, offering a bespoke collection of men's accessories that bridge the gap between time-honored style and modern sophistication. Alla Darwish, co-founder and visionary, channels his corporate acumen and passion for classic menswear into RUMI MAN's creations, established in 2015 to celebrate the power of timeless accessories.

Rejecting the fleeting fads of fashion, we focus on enduring designs that accentuate a man's attire for every occasion. From the debonair pocket square that completes a bespoke suit to the essential necktie for the everyday wardrobe, our inspirations are drawn from the celebrated eras of the '20s, '40s, and '60s.

Craftsmanship lies at the heart of our brand, with artisanal pieces fashioned from the world's finest materials—Italian silk, Egyptian cotton, and Turkish leather, to name a few. RUMI MAN is synonymous with accessible luxury, ensuring quality without compromise.

Stay attuned to RUMI MAN's curated additions that consistently reflect the essence of classic chic.

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